Events and restoration

Events and restoration

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There is no better way to round off the day in the Natural Park than by tasting one of the exclusive menus for our groups in the area's restaurants, on the boats themselves or in exceptional spaces (the latter aimed at MICE companies and tourism).We collaborate with restaurants and catering companies to offer our typical gastronomy so linked to the cultivation of rice and the landscapes of l'Albufera.Ask us for our exclusive economic menus from our partner restaurant as well as other exclusive sites for events (farmhouses, huts, interactive cooking workshop "paella show cocking", team building, etc.).Book Now Do you want to do a VALENCIAN PAELLA KITCHEN WORKSHOP? Our rice teacher will give a talk on some basic concepts to be taken into account. Right after, you will put on your apron and the experience will begin.We will carry out the whole process of making the paella from scratch: peeling and cutting the vegetables, grating the tomatoes, calculating the amount of rice according to the guests, etc. You must know that all our products are kilometre 0 and proximity, which means that we bet on raw materials from local producers, with an exquisite quality and taste.Our workshops are characterized not only by the taste of cooking surrounded by an environment like l'Albufera, but also by the good atmosphere that reigns in them. Perhaps this has something to do with the delicious sangria we prepare, which you cannot leave without trying. We also include an aperitif before lunch, so that you don't miss out on the traditions of our land. Another of the most enjoyable moments of the experience will come right after pouring the water on the paella. We will take advantage of the wait during the cooking to take a tour of our facilities, and learn how rice was grown in the past and other mysteries of our precious paradise that is l'Albufera.Before we start eating the paella, and with some starters on the table, we will know who the winning team is, who will take our famous wooden spoon. But the most important thing is that all the participants will be awarded our special diploma and, above all, they will be able to enjoy the real prize of the day: to taste the real Valencian paella, cooked by themselves! Finally, another of our favourite moments could not be missing, the real reason why we are holding this workshop in an environment like l'Albufera: To sail along the channels and discover, through its waters, this incredible natural park. It is something that, for sure, you will not forget.

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More than 10 years of experience guarantee us as the best option for active tourism.

Local gastronomy

Enjoy the authentic Valencian paella on board one of our boats in the heart of the Albufera.

Enjoy nature

Surrounded by the Natural Park of l'Albufera, the pine forest of El Saler and its beach.

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from 10h to 14h approx

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Enjoy the Natural Park of La Albufera.


Valencian Gastronomy

Try our most international dish sailing in the waters of l'Albufera. Are you going to miss it?

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