Combined bike + boat

Combined bike + boat

from 10 Euros/Adult
Photo Friendly Mínimo 6 personas


With the standard boat trip rates, the boat is not exclusively reserved. If you want to book the boat exclusively, please contact us.

2 to 3h by bike + lake boat ride
Minimum 6 adults
  • Children from 3 to 11 years old 6
  • Guided boat ride (45 min)
  • Bicycle ride WITHOUT A GUIDE
2 to 3h by bike + boat ride on the Saler
Minimum 6 adults
  • Children from 3 to 11 years old 7
  • Guided boat ride (75 min)
  • Bicycle ride WITHOUT A GUIDE
2 to 3h by bike + boat ride and sunset
Minimum 6 adults
  • Children from 3 to 11 years 7
  • Guided boat ride (75/90min)
  • Bicycle ride WITHOUT A GUIDE
  • Sunset

Combined bike and boat ride

Our most popular activity is the combination of bike rental (without a guide) and the boat ride, which allows you to enjoy a full and unforgettable day in l'Albufera Natural Park. By doing these two activities the cost is cheaper and you can schedule your day as you prefer, doing one activity in the morning and another in the afternoon, the 2 activities in the morning or the 2 activities in the afternoon. Our privileged location and surroundings allow us to carry out these 2 activities with our VisitAlbufera office in El Saler, opposite the public bus stop in the city of Valencia - line 25 of the EMT. A few metres away we have the dune ecosystem and its beaches, as well as the marsh and rice fields where the Port del Saler pier is located. From here we sail along its channel that leads us to the heart of the Albufera lake. This combination involves enjoying up to 3 hours of bike rental + one of our boat trips. Depending on the chosen boat ride the price is 10 ? if you take the Pomero pier ride (45 minutes) or 12 ? if you take the Port del Saler or sunset ride (75/90 minutes).

Albuferencas Boats

We have several typical boats to make this guided tour through the waters of Lake l'Albufera and its channels between rice fields.

The best guides

Our boatmen/guides, the only ones authorised to steer the boats, seduce our clients by giving the relevant explanations and interpreting the landscapes, making them aware of everything we can discover while sailing in these calm and fresh waters.

"Very kind of the boy, he showed us very well what to do and where to go. We did the bike + boat ride package. I recommend going in the afternoon, when it's less hot and the views are more beautifully lit."
Carla M.
October 2018
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