Full day excursion

Full day excursion

Guided tour of the various ecosystems that make up the Albufera Natural Park Boat trip + Museum visit + Guided bike tour + games

Photo Friendly de 10:00 a 16:00 aprox


Full day excursion
minimum 20 students
  • Environmental educators included
  • Boat ride
  • Museum visit
  • Guided bike route
  • Playful and educational games

What does it include?

Boat ride

Boat ride on the lake and rice fields of the Albufera. Students will be able to enjoy this unique boat ride and all the nature in the park.

Visit museums

Students can visit the 18th century Casa Demanà museum or the "La Pipa" bird observatory or ecological reserve. Choose one and check availability.

Bicycle route

Bike ride in the forest and on the beach. It includes the bike, the helmet, a guide and a mechanic. Students will be able to disconnect from the routine with this great bike ride.

Educational games

Students will enjoy fun and educational games such as volleyball, football, tennis or quiz Albufera. Fun is more than guaranteed.

"The best treatment and kindness, it feels like home."
Peter Killer
February 2019

The best excursions

Enjoy the best excursions in the Albufera Natural Park. Get ready to spend an unforgettable day. We are waiting for you!

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"Visit with students from 1st and 2nd grade of primary school, very well adapted to the age of the children. Congratulations."
Cristina Garcia

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